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Author Topic: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications  (Read 6977 times)

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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #75 on: September 25, 2019, 06:25:21 pm »
Community Name: {8thLR} FW.SLt. CheeseBill
Steam Name: CheeseBill
Steam URL:
Age: 17
Location/Timezone: Netherlands (BST+1)
About Yourself: My name's Floyd and I'm currently in school and planning to study something economics related at university in a bit more than 1 year.
I've been played Holdfast for over half a year now and have gathered over 800 hours in game so far. Apart from Holdfast I mainly like to play strategy games such as Civilization.
Why you believe you would be a good administrator: I'm very involved in the Holdfast community and like to help making the community the best it can be. I see rule breaking happen often on official servers and would like to do something against it apart from just reporting them. I also always try to be fair and unbiased towards everyone which helps when admining.
Previous Experience (if any): I am currently an admin in the 8th Life Regiment and also admin 2 linebattles (Tuesday and Saturday) for the 8thLR. Along with this I am also a regiment moderator in the official Holdfast Discord and an ESR referee.
Outside of Holdfast I have been part of the moderation team of a big Steam/Discord group called the Original Network.
Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?: N/a.
References (if any): AGS | Refleax, AGS | Wrexial, KRA | Haybales, {8thLR} BigMamba, [QRR] eLF, 45th | Wilson, GDE | Plankton.
Discord:                CheeseBill#0752