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Author Topic: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications  (Read 5836 times)

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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #60 on: March 19, 2019, 11:28:39 pm »
As an aside, please don't put me as a reference guys. They are for my use. So you are telling me that I am recommending you to myself. Also, references should be explicitly asked from a person. Not assumed.

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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #61 on: April 03, 2019, 08:15:21 pm »
Community Name: KRA | Colonel Jaynex the Lee

Steam Name: Jaynex

Steam URL:

Age: 22

Location/Timezone: CST

About Yourself:
Ummmm, I don't talk about myself much so I guess i'll just say some things.
I'm currently studying to be a Mechanical Engineer. I'm 6 foot 6 inches tall. I have a voice that sounds like I suffer from severe depression although i'm happy most of the time.
I have a lot of free time when i'm not doing school and enjoy all kinds of video games like CS:GO, Arma 3, GTA 5, World of Warships, War Thunder.
also i'm not funny on purpose, I say a lot of stupid things and people laugh.

Why you believe you would be a good administrator:
I've been doing admin work with the KRA for a little over 9 months now. It has started with working on internal stuff within the KRA and moved to regularly Administrating the Thursday and Saturday public linebattle. I'm a mod on may discord servers and have had no complaints. If I get alerted to something I can do something about right away, I will jump on it asap. Im also very level headed so I wont jump to conclusions when things are happening and make sure that if I need to step in and do something it is fair for everyone involved.

Previous Experience (if any):
1st Kings Royal Army Discord, Holdfast Melee Server discord, A few friends stream discords, 2 Public Linebattles, Internal events within the KRA.

Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?:

References (if any):
KRA | Rifle Major Fathers, KRA | General Haybales, Blackfish | Emperor Auha
Not with that attitude!

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Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #62 on: June 08, 2019, 05:24:31 am »
Community Name: Linnen

Steam Name: Linnen

Steam URL:

Age: 16

Location/Timezone EST

About Yourself
My Alias is Linnen, I'm a very mature and young gamer willing to help out communities/games to make them more wholesome then they already are. I am always an active player when it comes to games that I enjoy. I love working with other people making the community a safer and fun extremely fun environment to play on. I love to help people when it comes to errors/reports/etc... due to me not being able to give that much back to this world, so the best i can do is give back to the people living in this world by giving positive vibes and a better play style. I also enjoy people having the time to enjoy their own time and comfortable into new communities that they're not familiar with.

Why do you believe you would be a good Administrator:
I believe that'd i'd be a good Administrator because i am a very mature, patient, understanding, and welcoming person when it comes to meeting new people. I love to make others smile and laugh let them have a great time in general. I am here to do my part in serving for the community and giving it a better name. I also believe that as young as i am it'd give me more opportunities to help more people out and allow them to have a fun and playful gaming experience. I also am willing to opt myself in certain situations and calm down the situation by doing the best of my capability. I also believe that part of my time playing on the servers i see a bright future for Holdfast NaW.

Previous Expierence:
I don't have much experience of Administration on Holdfast NaW, but i do have a lot of experience of playing a multi variety of games administrating... Such as Rust, CSGO, Garry's Mod, Arma 3... Some being serious some not but that's the fun, meeting new people and having a fun experience whilst doing so.

Any Questions/Concerns you have about Administrating:
I don't but I believe I'm fit for the job and willing to put my part into the community!

I do not have any References...

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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #63 on: June 12, 2019, 04:17:45 am »
Community Name: Wallace Binghampton

Steam Name: Binghampton

Steam URL:

Age:[/b] 16

Location/Timezone: Central US

About Yourself: I am a 16 year old living in Missouri. I have 350+ hours on Holdfast and I am friends with some of the admins. I am free most nights and free to play whenever starting July 8th. I am in JROTC.

Why you believe you would be a good administrator: I am a supposedly mature person. I have worked with admins before in holdfast to help find cheaters and people breaking the rules. I have also had leadership experience and have dealt with observing other people fake shooting each other and had to deescalate arguments and help fix problems involving cheaters. A lot of the people I play with consider me a chill guy. I
Previous Experience (if any):Has worked with Holdfast admins before, Referee for The Rock Airsoft in Bolivar MO, USA. Former Rust Admin for Rustafied servers. Minecraft Admin, JROTC second lieutenant.

Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?: How is it chosen who is admin at one time so there isn't 5 admins on at once?

References (if any): Jon Burdette(Actual guy, Yes I asked him). Jon_Snow. Italian Turtle, leader of the 45th.

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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #64 on: June 19, 2019, 11:34:03 pm »
Community Name: GDE | J.Rec | GenJ

Steam Name: GenJ.

Steam URL:

Age: 21.

Location/Timezone: Location is Prague, Czech Republic. Timezone being CEST.

About Yourself: I am a 21 years old male that is currently studying criminal justice here in Charles University, located in Prague. My hobbies revolve around gaming, travelling, meeting new peoples and reading.

Why you believe you would be a good administrator: : I believe I should be picked because of my experience as staff, I was a staff member on some other communities (Garry's mod, Counter-strike : Source or even DayZ). I also have the required qualities for a staff member which are being respectful, mature, and knowing how to take actions against certain users depending on the severity of their acts.

Previous Experience (if any): My experience as a staff member is mostly notable on a game called garry's mod, on which I have 8500 hours on my main account. These experience include :

- Owning a Half-Life 2 Roleplay server.
- Being a staff member on TP-N (A WW2-occupation oriented roleplay server)
- Being a staff member on the SCP RP server of Werewolf gaming.
- Being a staff member on the UwG Half-Life 2 RP oriented community.

All these can be verified if needed and I will gladly do so if any staff members would ask.

Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?: None.

References (if any): None.

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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #65 on: July 10, 2019, 08:25:49 pm »
Community Name: E|C Marquis de Lafayette

Steam Name: Swashbuckler

Steam URL:

Age: 23

Location/Timezone: CEST

About Yourself: I’ve been actively engaged with the Holdfast community since December 2017 and have amassed +1000 hours from playing almost exclusively on the public servers. I also enjoy making Holdfast videos where I take on some in-game challenge or other memery.

Previous Experience (if any): Nothing directly related to being a server admin.

Why you believe you would be a good administrator: I care for the community and would like to see that the public servers remain a thriving and welcoming environment. To that end, I believe my extensive experience with the game and long-standing involvement with the community could be of value when dealing with the issues and grievances that pub players tend to report. Additionally, I believe my devotion to public servers (as well as the fact that I am unaffiliated with any regiment) will prove useful in performing the duties of an impartial admin - seeing as public servers are often left without supervision while there’s a regimental linebattle or other prioritized event happening on private servers.

Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?: None for the time being.

References (if any): BlackFish | Women Doctor, E|C Jon_Snow, KRA | General L. Haybales

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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #66 on: July 17, 2019, 11:22:48 am »
Community Name: KRA | Major Alexaroth

Steam Name: Alexaroth

Steam URL:

Age: 27

Location/Timezone: UK / GMT

About Yourself: I've been playing Holdfast for over a year now (>800 hours), and currently am the Major of the Infantry company in the KRA, as well as one of the main line officers of the regiment, with over 140 lines lead over the course of 10 months. In real life, I work as a game developer up in North of UK (that's as much irl stuff I'd like to reveal).

Previous Experience (if any): As Major of a company that has over 200-250 members, I deal with people on a daily basis, including guiding newcomers, solving conflicts, and handling disciplinary issues where the focus is on rehabilitation. In the past I've been the founder of a community of Romanian nationals in the game called Entropia Universe (over 100 members), but the bulk of my experience comes from the 3200 hours spent in Eve Online from 2008 to 2018 (on and off).

During that time I've held various positions in different communities (corporations/alliances), ranging from recruiter to officer. As a recruiter I would vet potential new members via personal interviews as well as deep inspections of their accounts (Eve exposes personal character information and history, in-game wallet transactions, and in-game messages via a restful API). These investigations were a common practice for PVP alliances, as espionage and infiltration played a big part in Eve Online's conflicts. I also acted as a rep (ambassador) for one of the corporations I was in, brokering relationships with foreign national-based corporations (a Chinese corp and a Russian corp) and mediating in-game territory disputes between NAP-ed (non-aggression-pact) corporations.

Why you believe you would be a good administrator: I believe that I can be impartial and fair in my judgement of a person, and the more than a decade of experience interacting and handling people in various online communities (plus another decade before that of me just being a normal gamer), has given me insight into how people behave, how online social groups form and interact with one-another, as well as which mediation techniques work best when handling disputes between people of different ages, cultures, and personalities.

I am also available to be contacted at even the most ungodly hours of the day, and have almost constant access to Discord and the game

Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?: None yet

References (if any): 63e Starblazer, BlackFish Woman Doctor, 77th Ed, KRA Haybales, KRA Kieran

Please feel free to contact me for any other questions you might have, or areas you'd like me to expand on.

Major Alexaroth
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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #67 on: July 19, 2019, 05:33:39 am »
Community Name: Twaddle

Steam Name: [104th] Twaddle

Steam URL:

Age: 18

Location/Timezone: EST | United States

About Yourself: I have been involved in the Napoleonic Wars Series since 2010, 2011 is when it really kicked off for me. I enjoy playing Holdfast more than the typical player. I'm well known on the servers and am courteous, as well as generally polite to everyone. I always help new players learn the keybinds and am actively involved in regimental activities, I.E: Events & Trainings.

Why you believe you would be a good administrator: I play Holdfast to win, so I'm more cautious about what I say, how I conduct myself, and how others are too. With that being said, I have a good eye for bad players, such as people that are being offensive in the chat, and I am attentive to those that get their cannons stolen, I will read the chat and go up to the person and confront them and try and talk to them and warn them it is against the rules and that they are subject to receiving a complaint filed against them, this is usually an effective method. People know and trust me, and I can resolve disputes in a timely matter.

Previous Experience (if any): I hosted many NW events throughout 2011-2017 | Much of which was involved with the 40th. I've probably hosted around 150+ of these events and am very aware of how to handle specific situations.

Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?: No, but I am looking forward to formal instructions that I may not know about.

References (if any): Halkett - General Cody HD - VetroG - Mexicant