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Author Topic: [Idea] Superior Rank, Map density & server capacity.  (Read 738 times)

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[Idea] Superior Rank, Map density & server capacity.
« on: October 30, 2017, 12:26:08 pm »

I was speaking with a friend last day about Holdfast while we had a walk and some tweeks might improve the game overall. We were discussing how to handle the playerbase and to make it more stable even improve it the amount of players at same time in the whole game.

At the end we concluded that he best outcome is the posture of increase server capacity till levels don't used to see (500, 1.000, 2.000 players in one server) which the goal of satisfy the players when they are trying to get into a server full (150/150 and the rest are nearly empty). We think that players tend to stop playing frequently, other reasons can explain it obviously, but, we consider a main factor the lack of servers with high population. Therefore, we get into a loop of playerbase reduction. Don't have to be said that increasing server capacity without improving or keeping the latency and fps (equilibrium) is a must.

A second perception is the need to keep certain density of players in map to avoid the massive crowded area as well as to avoid the lack of players in KMs. How it could be done? Basically the idea is to manage the dimension of the map according to the number of players in the map. Instead of having static maps which have certain elements given (cannons, buildings to be captured, area, ships,...) those elements vary in function of the amount of players in that moment. In case it increase (reduce) the players, it increase (reduce) the elements to keep certain density of players in the battlefield and elements. With this, a server of 32 players can be as intensive as a server of 64, 124, ... The point of this idea is to make a big server which bigger dimensions to make it more epic (extremly interesting and demanded feature in my opinion) as well as keep the playerbase increasing because there is always slot for all players to enjoy the game without being pushed away to another emptied server or wait to slot be open in the filled server.

A third perception according to the second is the need of a superior rank of Officers to coordinate them, specially in those huge battles where we start to have 100 players per side. Something like a General which has special abilities to make the officers follow or at least coordinate and have a effective playtime. One problem it would have the big battles is the amount of players and the need to coordinate them so we need an efficient tool to solve it. Maybe, grand the ability to the General to DRAW in the map lines, text, arrows, symbols (officers, amount of soldiers,...) to make it more organized. The officers can discuss with the general in a special room (Officers & General) to finish the outcome. Maybe let all soldiers see the instruction of the General (Decision of officers? General). Another thing it could help to organize is a timer where troops can't leave an area and they organize (Where to go, lines, divisions,...) so they have like 60 secs, 80 secs,... whatever the amount of time so they can do a proper 1st push.

In summarize, increase the server capacity, keep certain map density & create a new superior rank.
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