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“Persistence, Effectiveness, Patience, Introverted”
-  19th (1st North Riding) Regiment


Welcome to the 19th, we strive to be the very best! We have been an active regiment in Holdfast: Nations at War since 2017, but under a different name such as the 104th. We plan to continue and expand on our legacy of excellence in Prime & Load: 1776, let all who stand in our path tremble. God save the 19th! The 19th has multiple companies under its command and will always be full of fun times.

Service -
Strive for excellence at all times, if you aren't working to be the best at all times you aren't working to be 19th.
Ranks -
The 19th has a large variety of ranks! Such as line, artillery, and cavalry ranks. If you would like to view our ranks, click here
Attendance -
Missing some linebattles is acceptable, as long as the proper due care to notify senior officers of absence is taken, however skipping events or trainings to play other games unless under special circumstances with permission is not acceptable.
Maturity -
Applicants and members must represent the regiment in a positive manner at all times, this is especially important with regards to public events/servers.

Officers :

Steam Group :


  The 19th (1st Yorkshire North Riding) Regiment was raised in November 1688 as Colonel Francis Luttrell's Regiment of Foot. It was numbered 19th Foot in 1751. In 1782, the 19th Regiment of Foot became The 19th (1st Yorkshire, North Riding) Regiment of Foot. In 1875, following the marriage in 1863 of Princess Alexandra of the Royal House of Denmark to Edward Prince of Wales, the regiment became The 19th (1st Yorkshire, North Riding — Princess of Wales's Own) Regiment of Foot. On 1 July 1881, under the Cardwell reforms, the regimental name changed to The 1st Battalion The Princess of Wales's Own (Yorkshire Regiment). In 1902, it became The Yorkshire Regiment (Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own). In 1920 The Yorkshire Regiment (Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own) became The Green Howards (Alexandra Princess of Wales's Own Yorkshire Regiment). The title Green Howards was officially recognised in 1920. The name was derived from Colonel Howard who commanded the 19th Foot. The regiment was called Howard's Greens from the colour of their regimental facings, which in time became the Green Howards.








Regimental Staff


Line Company

Artillery Company


Cavalry Company




Regimental Staff:
Line Company :
Artillery Company :
Cavalry Company:
Total Strength :

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Re: How many players are left alive/how many players dead (Scoreboard)
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