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Custom Gamemodes
« on: November 15, 2017, 05:07:04 am »
Allow players to dedicate/host servers which permit the incorporation of server-side/client-stream scripts and features.

Like many games before it, allow players to simply script the game realm to their liking. Looking at successful games such as Arma 3, Gmod, Life is Feudal Forset Village. The game is already amazing, think of the ability for independent communities to expand on that engine (while players buy copies of the game) to create different types of environments. From role-play to unique territory or capture the flag missions, the possibilities could be simply endless.

When developers see opportunity, they can act on it faster as a community than if they depend on the game's creators to fashion content. The game developers should focus on developing the game, mechanics, and overall gameplay; they shouldn't get bogged down with content; especially when Steam gives them the tools to let server owners do it themselves.
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Re: Custom Gamemodes
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2017, 05:13:21 am »
100% Agree.

I can think of several people who would script their own highly detailed & custom gamemodes if they were able to.  Plus, I think if the game's developers tried to cater to every single content request, they'll get bogged down in the minutia and not recognize the big picture & trends of today, such as: The most successful games of today are player-content driven, and community-involved. 

The developers here would see an influx of several thousand percent in the number of sales if indie server hosts were allowed to script RP gamemodes, DM, etc...  The potential is limitless.  I completely agree though; I only bought Arma, Gmod, and Life is Feudal Forest Village b/c of the workshop capabilities & player-content aspects.  Just like CS:GO Skins, I think the concept of player-created content being introduced would open so many avenues.  For example, what about a United States Civil War Mod?  That would take this small team too long to make, but an indie developer could make his own gamemode, use his own models (or models added to the game's workshop?), host his own unique sever, make his own money, and bring this game more players.

Great idea.