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Author Topic: You wanna join a crew?10th Hussars it s here for you  (Read 1228 times)

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You wanna join a crew?10th Hussars it s here for you
« on: December 10, 2017, 11:45:42 am »
0th-French Elite Soldiers/Holdfast Nations At War
Hussars are light infantry, fast moving and useful for scouting ahead of an army.

These superb soldiers can be used as a screen for the main army, or for strategic scouting to locate the enemy. Hussar speed makes them ideal for targeting skirmishers and artillery: enemies have little chance to escape if hussars are sent against them. Hussars are armed with curved sabres, and can acquit themselves well in melee or during a charge, although they do not fare well against disciplined infantry or heavy cavalry.

Historically, hussars of all nations enjoyed the freebooting attitude of the Hungarian originals, and acted independently of the main army as much as they could. This was useful, because they could be sent out to do long patrols or reconnaissance, and possibly a little plundering. Their high-spirited approach to war was matched by their popinjay uniforms, some of the gaudiest ever to have been worn into battle. Hussar arrogance, however, was well deserved: in 1806 some 500 French hussars bluffed a 6,000-strong Prussian garrison at Stettin into surrendering the fortress there.
This is a group for Holdfast players,i create this 10th Hussars because i wanna show how you play holdfast nations at war,if you trust me you will rank up faster,trust me and will be good
   if you are interested send me a game invite or join our group,thx for your time
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Re: You wanna join a crew?10th Hussars it s here for you
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Wrong place to post

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