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Author Topic: Addressing Officer Aim in Linebattles through Game Mechanics  (Read 1120 times)

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Addressing Officer Aim in Linebattles through Game Mechanics
« on: March 26, 2018, 02:23:45 am »
This suggestion is in regard to competitive linebattle events.

Generally I think accusations of officer aim is pretty common in line battles, and with many new people rotating through events it is bound to continue. In events hosted by us I generally consider RNG to be the main killer of officers but there can certainly be a way to reduce complaints for toxicities sake.

Give officers the same health buff flag bearers get when they wield their sword.

This is to accomplish two goals.
  • Acknowledge that officer aim will not be wiped out by rules, and address it by buffing officer health.
  • Make it riskier for officers to take pop shots over defilade while the line sits back.

Potential problems:
  • Officers may become OP in melee, to address this the buff should only apply to shooting damage, although testing it in melee would also be worth a shot.
  • The current melee system has some trash moments where enemies can spin for minutes around each other and land no hits, buffed officers who need to land multiple hits to kill will make these encounters worse.

Overall I think the balancing issues can be addressed, and this is something that should be added after a melee update.

Discuss bellow.
Officer Aim is the act of intentionally shooting an officer to cause disarray in a line. Many events do not allow this.
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Re: Addressing Officer Aim in Linebattles through Game Mechanics
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2018, 02:55:47 am »
I personally don't mind Officer Aim, regiments should be able to quickly transfer command during matches and it encourages regiment leaders to develop confident members. As such, none of the events 89e participates in penalize for Officer Aim.

That being said, Officers do need a buff, even if just for the sake of pub games. They are the worst class in the game.

Hopefully Dreas' work on the melee system will help with your concerns, however in my experience a good player with a bayonet encounters fewer of these "trash moments."