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Competitive Mode (Commander Battle)
« on: January 30, 2018, 03:40:52 pm »
*I have posted this over in game mode suggestions as well, however I thought I would post it considering I was the first person to post in that thread in about a month.*
My dream has always been to make a game based off of Napoleonic Wars, though considering I know nothing about game development, I am pleased with the development of Holdfast: Nations at War. I will say though, my primary dream in a Napoleonic Wars video game is the following game mode that I have planned for years in a Google Doc, well way before the announcement of Holdfast: NaW

Competitive Mode (Commander Battle)

Not sure where I should begin, as I will be copy and pasting my gathered ideas from my google doc, but essentially: My idea is for a Ranked Competitive game mode inspired from Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars commander battle mode. Games would be 7v7, where each player plays as a platoon officer, commanding a large line of men. As an officer, you must work with fellow officers on your team in defeating the rival army.

If done right, this competitive mode could bring in and accommodate competitive and strategy-game players, and could even provide structure for an e-sport.

At the beginning of the game, and between rounds, you must select and may change what class (or troop type) you are commanding.

Troops (Classes)
  • At least 1 Artillery (Max. 2)
    2 Cannons or Howitzers, 3 cannon operators per, 20 Foot Guards
  • At least 1 Cavalry (Max. 2)
    Lancers, Heavy Cavalry, Light Cavalry, Dragoons
    35 Men and Horses
  • At least 2 Line Infantry (Max. 4)
    Foot Guards, Light Infantry, Grenadiers, etc. (Different infantry types have different strengths)
    50 men per line.
  • Optional Skirmisher Line (Max. 2)
    25 Men with Rifles

Upgrades and Economy System
To add more substance, strategics, and variables, I also suggest an economy system.

Earn money based on success of line.
  • Kill (Melee and Firearm): 10 currency
  • Kill (Artillery): 20 currency
  • Win Bonus: 150 currency
  • Lose Bonus: 50 currency

Use money on upgrades after rounds.
  • Additional Infantry Troop (Infantry and Artillery): 30 currency
  • Additional Cannon and Crew (Artillery Only): 300 currency
  • Additional Cavalry Unit: 50 currency
  • Additional Rifleman: (Skirmishers Only) 50 currency
  • Ketel Drummers(Cavalry)/ Drummers(Infantry): Increase Unit Reload Speed & Movement Speed: 200 currency
  • Trumpeter(Non-Infantry) / Fifer(Infantry: Increases Unit Accuracy & Melee Reach: 200 currency
  • Flagbearers: Increases Platoon Toughness and Melee Damage: 200 currency
  • Sapper Unit: Build Fortifications, destroy enemy obstacles 300 currency
  • Field Medic: Heal wounded soldiers in active combat. (I'm debating this, as I haven't found any proof of medics operating in such ways on the frontline during this timeperiod).

Ranking/Matchmaking System

Competitive Play would likely require a ranking system and ranked matchmaking. I suggest a basic ranking system where you are promoted by winning and demoted by losing repeatedly. I wrote some rank options a while back, and will post them here: Militia Recruit, Militia Soldier, Militia Adept, Militia Veteran, Militia Sergeant, Ranker Recruit, Ranker Soldier, Ranker Adept, Ranker Veteran, Ranker Sergeant, Warrant Officer, Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel, Brigadier General, Major General, Lieutenant General, General, Marshal.

Maps and Factions
Finally, my dream was to base competitive maps off of real battle grounds. My constructed lists are as follows:

Kingdom of Italy (Regno d'Italia)
Spanish Empire (Imperio español)
Kingdom of Portugal (Reino de Portugal)
French Empire (Empire Français)
The United Kingdom (The United Kingdom)
The Kingdom of Prussia (Königreich Preußen)
Austrian Empire (Kaisertum Österreich)
Russian Empire (Rossiyskaya Imperiya)
The Kingdom of Sweden (Konungariket Sverige)
Ottoman Empire (Osmanlı İmparatorluğu)
Grand Duchy of Warsaw (Księstwo Warszawski)
Denmark-Norway (Danmark–Norge)
Borodino (French vs Russians)
Austerlitz (French vs Austrians/ Russians)
Jena (French and Prussians)
Leipzig (French vs Austria/Russia/Prussia/Sweden)
Toulouse (French vs British/Spanish/Portuguese)
Batin (Turkish vs Russian)
Lübeck (French vs Prussian)
Stralsund (French vs Swedish)
Razyn (Polish vs Austrian)
Raab (French/Italian vs Austrian)
Køge (Denmark-Norway vs British)

I'm open to constructive criticism and have more information in my Google Document that I didn't feature on this forum post, if you have any questions or concerns. Suggestions are welcomed as well.
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Re: Competitive Mode (Commander Battle)
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2018, 05:11:21 pm »
If this game opens up a bit more to modders - this would probably be a great mod. However, I would rather the devs continue to polish and add features that are already visible in the game than try to build a whole new game.

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Re: Competitive Mode (Commander Battle)
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2018, 10:59:28 pm »
Yeah, this seems more like an entirely new game. Great concept, but I would rather Holdfast continue to polish itself and continue to add features to the game before focusing on something like this. If you want organized play you should consider joining a regiment (the 4th is pretty good, just saying) This seems like a ton of work for a niche mode.