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Author Topic: Increasing Rifle Cap or allow Private Server Managers to Customize Unit Caps  (Read 795 times)

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As a leader of a skirm reg, I hate the new 6 rifleman cap. Totally understandable for public matches to limit the number of op players. But the fact that server owners can't change them in their server files to allow skirm regiments with more than 6 members is what really kills it. Please either allow server managers to set manual class caps or change the cap back to 10, or better increase it to 15! There are some small skirm regiments out there but plenty have the same member count as lines. I don't know of an event out there that allows you to mix classes as skirms (besides the one I just created) so its insanely frustrating to have to tell your members only 6 of them are allowed to be rifleman and the rest arent allowed!!!! I think this was probably overlooked and I believe I speak for a lot of skirm regiments out there when I say this.

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As another skirm/light infantry regiment leader I really want this option too!

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Rycon responded to this complaint in the Discord this morning.