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Author Topic: State of the Game and the Future  (Read 1463 times)

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State of the Game and the Future
« on: April 11, 2018, 11:04:53 pm »
Hey everyone, I've written this in one long "rant" so it might seem a bit disorganized.

State of the Game

Holdfast is steadily growing and if it continues like this, in one year or two it might make a great game, which MIGHT compete with Warband's Napoleonic Wars. But at this state in my opinion, it is stalling might be because there isn't much content yet or just not enough players. The thing is that there needs to be more variety, I know with time it will come but it is a must in my opinion.

Near future?

In Warband's Napoleonic Wars there are multiple community hosted servers with fun and different games; Groupfighting, Roleplay, Tropical Island, Jailbreak, Minisiege and so on... If Holdfast had that it might up the playerbase. But for that to happen there needs to be a map editor (which the devs have talked about) and the melee will need its fix (the devs are doing good progress). With that the variety would rise and so would the playerbase.

You might say that there is already a groupfighting server, but the melee just isn't up to it yet. Roleplay is something that many do in the servers, but then again many do also just play obnoxious songs at 100% volume and keep charging to their deaths.

Future and Conclusion

I see great potential in Holdfast, but there are certain aspects of it that I think haven't been discussed enough (attracting players, variety and replayabilty). The main discussions are about the factions (Prussia is in the works, why discuss about the next?), the old age debate about riflemen (which should go back to 10 and have increased reload time imo) and how the uniforms are right/wrong.

PS: I might have forgotten something here or be wrong. I'm open for discussion :)

Also this is quite an interesting page:
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Re: State of the Game and the Future
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2018, 11:30:34 pm »
The inability to have custom maps makes community servers almost redundant, whilst community organised events and such can run with the pre made maps the public servers community is literally nowhere to be seen due to this. Sure the official servers get players on them but right now the game gives players no real reason to join any other servers other than the official ones. I wholehearted believe that map making and further server option customisation such as class limits should be in the TOP list of priorities for this game to survive. Just from custom maps alone the NW community was able to make millions of new gamemodes and servers that players still to this day continue to play on. Whilst new factions such as Prussia are a nice addition to the game they don't add any longevity to the game, something that Holdfast is sorely needing, there's only so many times you can play the same maps over and over and the same gamemodes over and over.