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Author Topic: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Admin Applications  (Read 23665 times)

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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #30 on: November 18, 2018, 03:19:32 am »
Community Name: KRA | Lieutenant Colonel Helix

Steam Name: KRA_Helix

Steam URL: :

Age:: 26

Location/Timezone USA/CST

About Yourself: Lieutenant Colonel of the KRA. I currently handle organizing a large majority of our events, and help administrate our two Public Linebattles (Thursday, Sunday). I'm also a regimental representative to other regiments when it comes to organizing events.

Why you believe you would be a good administrator: I'm known as a fair person within the Community, and when I help to administrate our public linebattles, I have no complaints against me when I punish those who break the rules. I'm also willing to listen to appeals and have a soft touch when explaining the reasons behind a decision. I feel because of these things, I would make a good administrator.

Previous Experience (if any): Administrating the KRA's Public Linebattles, and our Saturday Linebattle when it was running. I used to manage one of the largest companies of the KRA (Infantry).

References (if any): Haybales, Auha, Kieran. (I have not reached out to these individuals before applying, but am confident if asked they would speak in my favor.)

Edit: I have been reached out to by Kieran who has expressed a willingness to be a reference so I'm adding him to the list.

Edit 2: I've decided to rescind my application at this time as I no longer desire to be a server admin.
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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #31 on: November 18, 2018, 05:10:23 am »
Community Name: [49th]Taco

Steam Name: [49th]TheProTaco

Steam URL:

Age: 18

Location/Timezone: NA/EST

About Yourself: Hello, my name's TheProTaco I've been a part of this community since May of 2015 and have spent a massive amount of my time in the community as an admin for various major events across NW, several Warband mods, and particularly Holdfast. I've been a part of several regiments but have spent most of my time in the 49th and its associated groups in other games/mods and am really glad to have been a part of the NW/Holdfast community as a whole.

Why you believe you would be a good administrator: I don't believe there are many in the community who particularly dislike me so I'm not a very scandalous guy, I'm pretty fair in my admining and I play Holdfast frequently so I'd be more than able to be present on the servers.

Previous Experience (if any): I first began admining in the community with NW for a couple events like the KPR's and the 49th Tuesday LB(While it ran), I was taught how to admin by Kolakhan who was fairly prominent and respected in the NW community mainly for his events at the time. I was practically the only admin in the NA community for Bear Force 2 while the first real attempt to make it a major mod was ongoing. I've been the head admin of the 49th Saturday Linebattle since December of 2017 and have helped admin a few other events occasionally when asked like the Nr.9 friday while we attended so I'm more than familiar with all the admin tools in Holdfast.

Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?: None come to mind at the moment

References (if any): 63e Grimz, QRA Copot, 63e Zen, 3rdRM Corpo, 116th Finke, 47e Montfort, 104th Halkett, 96th Phillycheese, 12e Phillip, 63e Lionblade, 49th Merchaun, 21st Franklin, 10thSM Harrithika, 63e Starblazer, 63e Icks, 21st Shrike. Could probably get another dozen more if I asked.
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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #32 on: November 19, 2018, 01:04:03 am »
Community Name: BlackFish | Duce_Chovy
Steam Name: [14thVA.A] Cpl. Duce_Chovy (Had to change for War of Rights)
Steam URL:
Age: 27
Location/Timezone: Japan/JST (Usually on during AU/NZ and NA times as well)

About Yourself: Hail friends, Duce_Chovy at your service. I hail from Japan and currently serve with the JMSDF (Japanese Navy). I studied in America so I speak English fluently as well as Japanese. I know a smattering of other languages as well. My taste is games varies all over the place. I can be playing some cutesy Japanese JRPG one second then bayoneting PigDogs the next. I bought Holdfast when it was on sale on a whim and ended up enjoying the game. I began my regimental career as part of the 89e before finding my way to the BlackFish after they disbanded. This game was bought on a whim but I've grown to love the community and have made many friends

Why you believe you would be a good administrator: I am currently in Low Command in the BlackFish regiment and do my best to help anywhere that I can. I'll always take the time to help new and old players alike in anyway I can and be a friendly face they can rely on. I'm always communicating with other regs to keep up friendly relations, so I believe I have some feel on the communities likes and dislikes. One must always strike a balance between enforcing the rules and letting others have fun, which is something I always try to uphold.

Previous Experience (if any): I manage/admin several various discords that range anywhere between 12 users to several hundred. I don't have much experience at being an admin for any official events in HoldFast but I do my best to enforce rules when I can and go through the appropriate channels to do so. The only admin experience I have for a game would be for hosting a small event in Squad.

Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?: Is there a set schedule for when one must admin or do they just admin whenever we're on?
References (if any): BlackFish Auha and Women Doctor
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Longue Vie Au Kapitan Auha!
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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #33 on: November 26, 2018, 05:00:53 am »
Community Name: BlackFish | Colonel Badgur

Steam Name: Badgur

Steam URL:

Age: 23

Location/Timezone: PST

About Yourself: Active duty military, long time internet friend to Auha and the BlackFish. 200+ hours played on Holdfast. I have no issues enforcing any rules set for players in the game and have done what I can as a regular player to report infractions that went against community standards.

Why you believe you would be a good administrator: I'd be happy to enforce community standards without bias and based solely upon the community standards. I've had many occasions while playing that I witnessed a player breaking said rules and did what I could to report it if it was a serious enough offense (screenshot to Auha). I don't hold ill-will toward any regiments or players so any judgement passed would be based entirely off of the actions of the individual in question.

Previous Experience (if any): Active admin on the BlackFish discord for roughly a year.

Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?: I won't be on nearly as often as someone like WomenDoctor or Auha until I'm out of the military, and even then not quite as much. I'd be more than happy to pull what weight I could while I'm on, whether it's in game or on the Official Discord.

References (if any): Auha, WomenDoctor

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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #34 on: December 03, 2018, 05:49:54 am »
Community Name: Wallace Binghampton

Steam Name: Natogaming

Steam URL:

Age: 17

Location/Timezone: CST

About Yourself: Straight A High school student in Missouri. I often play as a merc for regiments. I also play airsoft sometimes. Full blooded British.

Why you believe you would be a good administrator: Due to being in high school I'm used to dealing with people who are making not very smart choices. I'm used to people fighting and making insulting actions so I'm used to dealing with people like that. and how to counter them.

Previous Experience (if any): Kerbal space program forums moderator for 1.5 years, Former Arma 2 admin for 1 year. (I've owned it since release on

Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?: I have my evening's off a lot of times so I can admin quite often I'm curious if you choose when you act as admin or if it's assaigned?

References (if any): Capitane Tyler 1er GGR

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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #35 on: December 18, 2018, 11:37:56 am »
community Name: TRR | Musketeer John

Steam Name TRR| KillerRed2000

Steam URL:

Age: 22

Location/Timezone: NA (but i can make all timezone if necessary)

About Yourself:.i am a college student in new York I am also an officer candidate school for the united states airfore (ROTC) I love the game and want to make the community very warm and an amazing thing to be a part of I am a very hard worker if you ask my regiment officers they can vouch for my non sleep like work ethic

Why you believe you would be a good administrator: I believe that I can make a change for the better in the community, I am on at nearly all time zones as well as being very unbiased in dealing with situations, I am very good at logistica work and planning and believe I would be a good asset

Previous Experience (if any):Ive admined TRR events before and have practiced the commands to know them by heart I was a Zeus in arma but I cant remember much of my time there, I was also the logistical planner for a Minecraft server organizing reports and handling ban appeal and other administrative duties

Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?: Im not exactly the golden goose here with my experience but im just hoping I can make the community a happier place

References (if any): TRR | Colonel honor, SheroChef , TRRB|COL. Mccormack, 45 | Wilson, TRR | Major stef 
edit: (im confident these men will speak in my favor i did not reach out i have complete faith in them)

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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #36 on: December 19, 2018, 02:21:20 am »
Community Name: [TRRB] Rifle Sgn. SheroChef (before in the KRA)

Steam Name: Swamp Rat

Steam URL:


Location/Timezone: Sweden/GMT+1

About Yourself: Hard working guy, Fair, Talks(Swedish, German, English)

Why you believe you would be a good administrator: I am Fair, neutral and love the game but if i are a good admin u must see for u self maybe i am or not i don´t know yet but i want to do it to help the game.

Previous Experience:Football Revere  :)

Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?: Yes (but not right yet)

References (if any): TRRB|COL. Mccormack, 45 | Wilson  from the KRA: Sawx´s Lee, Laimbeer, Dutshi, Jenks`lee TRRB (Bat Sgn. John)
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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #37 on: December 24, 2018, 04:22:59 am »
Community Name:[45th] Batterymaster X3N0
Steam Name: [45th] X3N0
Steam URL:
Age: 18
Location/Timezone: PST/California
About Yourself[: Fair, hardworking, mature

Why you believe you would be a good administrator[/b]: I've been playing Holdfast since last December, and since then I've seen my fair share of annoyances and grievances within the community and game. I've taken to notice the worst trolling has occurred within Artillery gameplay(first-hand experience). I want to add my hand into supporting the community and players. Due to me being active in cannon gameplay I can be readily available to help and deal with any trolling on any server.

Previous Experience (if any)[/b]: None
Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?[/b]: None
References (if any): [45th] Col. Daveowns

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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #38 on: December 24, 2018, 08:23:52 pm »
Community Name: 25FK-Oberst Crabblesnitch II

Steam Name: [25FK]Crabblesnitch II

Steam URL:

Age: 18

Location/Timezone: US East

About Yourself: My real name is Bryan Miguel Zito, From a Sicilian born family. I have been active in the hold fast community for over a year now. Hold fast has been a life changing experience for me, and I would simply like to give back to this community I am glad to be a part of. I am currently a student while also working as the manager of my family's Hair Salon. I bought Holdfast November 2017 and since then my steam friends list has grown from 3 now to over 100.

Somehow holdfast was able to do what no other game has done and actually got me to be active in a community. Within the 1st few weeks of my holdfast career I founded The 25th freikorps In late December 2017 And I'm still going Strong to this day With over 200 members in my discord  With a fair enough portion of them active letting us reach 30 members in a linebattle at our peak.

Why you believe you would be a good administrator: Like any decent human I believe in fairness. While I have seen many friends and entire regiments come and go throughout my time here, as the game's popularity increases I believe it is my time to answer the call of action especially because i work and do schooling from home making my free time span the entire day

As holdfast gets an influx of new players more people are required to help keep the peace, and in my personal opinion I believe that the regiments that have been active as long as mine need to be called upon to help hold back the rising tide of toxicity that we see in modern holdfast

Ever since The developers call to arms to populate public servers my regiment has been active in public matches at minimum once a week

The only reason I apply now after so long Is that i believe im now respected enough amongst my peers and fellow regiment leaders to be worthy of such an honor.

Admining my discord has certainly helped me gain the skills needed. There is also my real life management skills that help me understand how scenarios should be dealt with for the betterment of all parties involved.

Previous Experience (if any): The one year of running my holdfast regiment has been my only admin experience

Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?: I am more than prepared to do whatever it takes to live up to the title bestowed upon me. The only question I would ask is how strict I would have to be while administering.

References (if any): Any 25FK member, Haybales[KRA], Auha[BLACKFISH], Women Doctor[BLACKFISH], phillycheese[96th]
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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #39 on: December 26, 2018, 10:46:48 pm »
Community Name: KRA | Rifle Major Fathers
Steam Name:Fathers0412
Steam URL:
About Yourself:I have been playing holdfast for a year now (since late December 2017) and thoroughly enjoyed ever minute of it. It was the main reason I brought a PC actually up until this point only having ever played on an XBOX. I was lucky enough to stumble upon the newly formed KRA on the 29th December and am proud to say I have played a significant role in taking it from 30 members to the 920 it has today. Particularly since being a part of the Rifle Company leadership team since January and leading it since March.
In the real world I'm an Optometrist , who swims regularly and also plays French and tenor horn.

Why you believe you would be a good administrator: My previous experience in the KRA will certainly help having dealt with conflict between members and being well connected within the wider holdfast community. I have helped to run a concert band in the past organising concerts etc. I am used to being impartial in my work as all patients have to be treated the same regardless of personal feelings and I believe I can easily carry the same mentality into an server administrator role.

I also have previous experience administrating our server during internal linebattles.

I'm very active within holdfast having currently committed 987 hours to the game a significant proportion of these in the public servers.

My work means I work weekends and does mean I'm available on unusual days when others may be working or at school so I believe I can fill gaps where admin cover is scarce.

Previous Experience (if any): Running the Rifle Company of the KRA for 9 months.
Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?: No
References (if any):Haybales (KRA), Auha (Blackfish), Admiral Woman Doctor (Blackfish) Italian Turtle (45th), Kieran/Darkslayer (45th)
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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #40 on: December 29, 2018, 07:50:17 pm »
Community Name: Kiri

Steam Name: Uzuki-Chan

Steam URL:
Age: 19

Location/Timezone: Asia

About Yourself: 你好. I am from Singapore. I am half Chinese,half Japanese.I speak Chinese and English as my main languages as required in my field of study : Architecture. I got into Holdfast in December 2017 and got involved in the community as of June 2018. I love this community immediately as It offered me friendships and opportunity to prove myself. I am the leader my own regiment,the Asian Exepditionary Corps. The AEC are mainly Asians and have a strict interview process.

Why you believe you would be a good administrator: I heard from some guys that a Chinese server is being set up by the AGS developers.They need admins who can speak Chinese and English properly to help the community.I love to help back the community who motivated me through the architecture school. I will not be biased because I do decisions with enough proof and evidence.

Previous Experience (if any):Running a regiment

Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?: Do I need to report every day and quit my own regiment?

References (if any): Women Doctor (Blackfish) CrabbleSnitch (25FK)

Let me know if there is anything else. Love HF, would love to give back to this cool community.
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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #41 on: December 30, 2018, 06:28:44 am »
Community Name: [105th] Field Marshal Hippo
Steam Name: The Neon Hippo
Steam URL:
Age: 21
Location/Timezone: California, USA/Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8)

About Yourself: My name is Hippo (John). I grew up in California in a lower middle class setting. My primary language is English, and I know a fair amount of Spanish. After graduating high school, I grew very fond of coding. I am currently self-learning python and C# (mainly python) in the hopes of looking for a future career in either robotics, cyber securities, or game design. At the time being, I work full time as an assistant manager in a warehouse. In my spare time I enjoy coding programs and playing games, especially the latter. My favorite animal is a hippo if that was obvious already ;).

Why you believe you would be a good administrator: I thoroughly enjoy helping and assisting others as well as maintaining a neutral and fair playing experience for everyone. I dislike being the victim of any form of hacking or breaking ToS for a game as I'm sure many others have. I really like to maintain rules and ensure that everyone is having a great time, especially in such a great and organized game. NaW is such an amazing experience to enjoy with friends or solo, and having that tarnished by someone breaking the rules and ruining your experience is something I aim to prevent. It would be nice to be a part of such a great community in guiding and aiding a better vision for the game. I want everyone to have a great experience!  :D

Previous Experience (if any): I have experience in management at my job, so I am used to having to keep things fair and neutral. I have also been an admin on a couple other games as well. Primarily Minecraft, Discord, and a WoW PS. I believe however, that every admin experience is going to be a bit different, so nothing can be really compared. I just would like you to know that I know what it is to be fair and neutral in situations and what is right according to the rules defined.

Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?: What hours would you require of me to be on serving duty? What do you specifically require me to do while in-game serving duty?

Thank you for reading my application.
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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #42 on: December 31, 2018, 01:02:52 am »
Community Name: [45th] Variation of Lenden

Steam Name: Lenden

Steam URL:

Age: 19

Location/Timezone: EST

About Yourself:
       My real name isn't really important, all you gotta know is that I'm a real gamer. I have fun, play games, drink 30 cans of pure caffeine all day, everyday.  8)

In all seriousness though; I am Canadian, I primarily speak English and Polish, I have a sense of humor, but I can be pretty damn serious when I need to. I work a few odd jobs here and there, from cleaning, to grounds keeping. Typically, I don't really do much aside from work and use my PC, sounds sad, but at least I'm not passed out drunk in a ditch.

Why you believe you would be a good administrator: I believe that I would make a good administrator for a few reasons; First, I was the Major a regiment for a while. Managing a literal regiment might be helpful with managing servers. I have nearly 600 hours in Holdfast, so I know how bad public servers might be during peak times.

Previous Experience (if any): Was Major of the 1st Cornish Militia, Currently one of the highest ranking NCO of the 45th Empress's Dragoons, Unless you consider Admining for Gmod Servers experience, that too.

Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?: Not that I know of, I would probably have questions once I get a position as a server admin.

References (if any): [45th] Maj. Italian Turtle, [45th] Col. Dave, [45th] Kieran (Yeah that Kieran)

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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #43 on: January 02, 2019, 01:02:04 am »
Community Name: E|C Jon_Snow

Steam Name: Jon_Snow

Steam URL:

Age: 34

Location/Timezone: West Coast Canada/Pacific

About Yourself: I've been an active member of Holdfast for quite some time now.  I have accumulated 1168 hours to date and am primarily active on public servers.  I am a Helicopter Pilot flying on forest fires in the summer and previous winters have done heli-skiing and have a lot of down time when not working to play Holdfast.   

Previous Experience (if any): No previous experience being an administrator.

Why you believe you would be a good administrator:I thoroughly enjoy this game, however I do believe there is a lack of Admins on public servers.  I'm likely one of the more active players on public and sincerely want to watch this game and community succeed and would appreciate the opportunity to deal with any in game problems when they arise instead of just reporting to current admins and hoping they get on in time to deal with individuals not abiding by the official Holdfast rules.

Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?: Have never been an admin before, however if successful believe I will most definitely have some questions going forward.

References (if any): E|C Coppperfield, E|C Marquis de Lafayette, E|C Dunedain.

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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #44 on: January 03, 2019, 01:46:56 pm »
Community Name: |51st|.Gdm.Tachang

Steam Name: |51st|.Gdm.Tachang

Steam URL:

Age: 17

Location/Timezone: GMT

About Yourself: Currently in first year of sixth form studying for AS Levels. I'm very active in the holdfast melee scene - I'm often on one of the melee servers, have been to tournaments both 1v1 and 3v3, host a groupfighting event and in the not to distant future, will start to host 2 tournaments every month.

Why you believe you would be a good administrator: I really enjoy this game and with over 1000 hours I know the ruleset very well. There have been many instances where people break the rules without an active admin online and I feel I can do more than simply report it or warn them to stop and manage the situation in an unbiased fashion. I'm willing to admin the melee servers as there are often trolls there when no admins are on.

Previous Experience (if any): Admin on the 51st and 45th public melee servers and Austro's Melee discord server. I've admined the PickUps Parties melee groupfighting event numerous times which has brought as many as 29 players as well as hosted tournaments. I am often referred to as an authority figure in the 51st despite this being false although I am one in a few melee discords. I rate and manage stat sheets with help from my referee team for people who enjoy melee and it allows them to compare themselves with others in terms of how skilled they are in melee.

Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?: Not as of yet

References (if any): Jamster, Copperfield, CharlieTwoFive, Pounder, Kieran
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