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Author Topic: The No.8 is looking for interested regiments for a restructuring and refounding  (Read 1735 times)

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If a regiment is interested feel free to write a comment or message me on steam.

If the game does not provide, we will provide ourselves. New content is subjective, fun events are forever!

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With the game in its current state, if you're looking for regiments to merge and help you that won't happen. The games been in decline, and most regs have stayed the same and will continue to be themselves, even in this state. A few new regs have been popping up, but I haven't seen any regs merge in over 6 months. If you want to join the discord or add me on steam so we could chat, then just reply to me. Have a good search, and hope you find what your looking for if not.

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The No. 8 is nonexsistent any more

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