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[EU] The HoldFast Conquest League [ON HIATUS]
« on: June 04, 2018, 08:08:22 pm »

Austro - League Owner, Head admin

Noble - League Admin

Starblazer - League Admin

   These are the rules for the HCL. They are designed to ensure everyone has fun. They are hopefully specific enough to cover every issue that may come up, however in instances where the rules cannot give a solution to the problem, the final say is in the hands of the HCL admins. It is your responsibility to periodically check for updates on this page. These rules may be updated or changed to reflect the consensus of the HCL admins on rulings that may occur in the future. Make sure you check this page often. The HCL uses the latest version of HoldFast: Nations at War available on Steam for all matches.

1. There is no arty allowed

2. Teams are able to choose from any bayonet class, except light infantry. There is 1 officer allowed per team.

3. If a team shows up with less than 8 players to a match, they automatically forfeit. A minimum of a 4 day notice must be given in order for the match to be re-scheduled. Teams will have 15 minutes after the match start time to field at least 8 players.

4. The admin will state how many players each team will have on the field before the round begins. Teams may not add to this number at all during the round. If a player crashes / goes afk, the admin and the opposing team is not responsible. 

5. Normal matches are the best of 3 rounds. Championship matches are the best of 5 rounds.

6. Teams have 15 minutes after the default time, or the mutually agreed to time, to join the server. Failure to comply will cost that team a forfeit. Under extraordinary circumstances, such as connection problems for a majority of members, the HCL may allow an exception. All teams are expected to be ready to play at the default time.

7. Teams must wait until 15:00 in order to move out of their spawn area. If players are caught leaving early, they will be banned from the round and the opposing team will have a numbers advantage. Stay within 5 meters of your spawn flag.

1. In order to participate in the league, you must sign up with a minimum of 12 members.

2.  The HCL will not tolerate mercs or multi-teamers. The HCL definition of a merc is as follows: Any person playing for a team they are not currently a member or recruit of. In order to be a member or recruit they must be on that team's official HCL Roster. If they are not on your HCL roster, they are NOT in your team!!!

3. You are not allowed on more than one team roster at any given time.

4.  If you are caught team hopping YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM THE LEAGUE. If there is a situation where you want to leave your team or if you get kicked off your team, then please contact an HCL Admin and we will deal with it on a case by case basis. If you are on a team roster, you will remain on that roster unless you have worked things out with an admin.

Voting may occur from time to time within the league to determine a variety of things. Only teams that have played at least 1 match within the league will be allowed to vote.

HCL is a EU League. Therefore all matches will be played on an EU server. NA / Asian / AUS players who wish to take part in the HCL will not have optimal ping, if their ping gets to a point where they have an unfair advantage (unable to be hit, lagging) then they will be asked to go spectator for the duration of the match.

If it seems as if your team will not have enough members to play in an upcoming week, talk to a HCL admin and request a Bye week before the next schedule is made. That way everyone will be prepared. The night before the match is not a good time to inform everyone your team won't be able to play!

Teams are scheduled based on the following factors:

- Current win/loss streak.
- Current rank.
- Previous opponents We will try our best not to schedule the same teams against each other all the time.
- Title and Title Shot matches are based on current winning streaks, and prior title shots

The default map of the League is Arendan River. We are looking forward to the developers releasing more small-scale conquest maps for us to use.

From time to time an odd situation may come up that does not happen very often, these are the procedures should such an event occur:

If a server crashes, then the round will be restarted. If the server is no longer available, then the match will either be post-poned, or the config will be given to a team so they can host the match on their server.

If you feel cheating may have occurred, notify a HCL official and proper punishment will be decided on. Make sure to have proof. Proof can include Screenshots, demos and/or a server log. Any type of client-side hook that allows any cheating including wallhacking, autoaim, or any other hack is not allowed. Using modified player models are not allowed. Anything thats gives a significant unfair advantage over other players is not allowed in the HCL. Modified world sprites are not allowed in the HCL. This includes any trees/bushes/explosions. Modifying the HUD/Crosshairs is allowed. HCL Admins have the final say in what is and what is not allowed. If unsure, talk to a HCL admin.

Forfeits effect both records and rankings. We have ZERO tolerance for forfeiting. Any team that forfeits will receive a strike. By joining HCL your team is expected to play in matches. If your team will be unable to play a certain week, make sure you notify the admins as soon as possible. Preferably at least 4-5 days in advance. If your team forfeits 2 matches in a row, your team will be removed from the league. Extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration on a case by case basis.

Nuking, channel takeovers, spamming, crashing a match server, or any other form of D.o.S. attack will not be tolerated. If a team continues to be the cause of problems, they will be removed from HCL. Adequate proof in the form of screenshots, demos, and server logs must be provided to the HCL before a ruling is made.

HCL uses a Three Strike policy. Punishment will be handed out on a case by case basis. For major offenses, removal from the league may be in order. For forfeiting, being disqualified, or breaking any of the rules described above, your team will receive a strike. Depending on the type of offense, your team may be suspended from the league for a period of time. If your team receives 3 strikes, your team will be removed from the league.

The HCL is very concerned about the preserving the very highest standards of matchplay and sportsmanship. Any player caught hacking in any game, in or out of a match is considered a cheater and is not welcome in the HCL. This means any player hacking on a public server, hacking during a private team practice, banned from another non-HF league, or hacking in a different game entirely is automatically banned from the HCL. Cheaters are not welcome in the HCL.

HCL Admins have final say in the interpretation of these rules and final say in any dispute. The HCL Head Admin may override the decision of regular admins. All teams must abide by these rules to play in the HCL. Ignorance is not an excuse

Team Name:

Team Size:

Team Captain: (Please input steam page URL beside name)

Team Roster
: (Please Input steam page URL beside each members name)

Team tag: (Will be worn during the match by every member on the team)

Team Theme Song: (Insert YouTube video link)

Team Motto:

Match time preference: Saturday 9:30pm, Sunday 9:30pm or both. (times in UTC)

The HoldFast Conquest League is a collection of teams that will compete against each other in a 12 vs 12 mini-conquest.

The League will have one team that are the Champions. All other teams will be ranked and will have to climb the rankings in order to challenge the champions. In most cases, the #2 ranked team will be the only ones able to challenge the champion team.

Teams will be ranked according to what the rank was of the team they defeated in a match. So for example, say you are rank #6 and you defeat the rank #4 team, you are now rank #4 and they are now either rank #5 or rank #6. Of course, a team that is not ranked will usually go up against a team that is the lowest ranked. And a team that is very low ranked will not, in most cases, go up against a team that is very high ranked. There may be cases where a team cancels last minute and an unusual match-up is made in order to still have the match, however, this should be a rare event.

Teams that are coming off a loss will usually go up against a team that are lower ranked with them. In order to climb the rankings, a team would have to go on a win-streak.

Normal matches are the best of 3. Championship matches are the best of 5.

Dates and Times are agreed upon by the two team captains. The following time slots are available, so whatever works for your team and your opponent. (all times are in UTC)

Saturday 9:30pm

Sunday 9:30pm

1. Since it's just 12 members facing off at any given time, regiments that do not have many members can remain competitive with more established regiments that have many members. This keeps the small and the large engaged and active within the HF community.

2. An even playing field means that skill matters more than ever, this will encourage the best members of every regiment to train hard for the league, and members who were not chosen to represent their regiment in the league to train even harder so one day they may be chosen.

3. With only 24 players per round, performance per event will be SUPER good. One thing putting a lot of players off in line battles is how horrible performance can be once the player count is over 100

4. League Matches will be ACTION PACKED! With only a 15-20 second respawn timer and around 30m of of playtime, you will be getting A LOT more action than you would in a line battle. I can't count the amount of times i was shot first in a lb and had to spectate for 15 mins :(

In game name 

Community Name

Steam URL


Timezone (NA,EU,Asian,AUS)

About Yourself

How active can you be? (League Matches are mostly on Sat and Sun)

Have you read the entire HCL event thread and understand what it is and how it is carried out?

Referrals (people who can vouch for you, current League admins, Official Server Admins, Developers, anyone reputable.)

Why you believe you would be a good administrator?

Previous Experience (if any)

How do you deal with stressful situations?

What do you think is the best way to go about resolving a conflict?

Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?

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Re: [EU] The HoldFast Conquest League [ON HIATUS]
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2018, 08:08:40 pm »
In collaboration with the 51st Regiment I will be running the EU Division for the HCL. Matches will begin for both the NA and EU Division once the game is further developed and the population grows. Teams are free to sign up and Community members are free to submit Admin Apps in the meantime.

Matches will take place on Saturdays and Sundays at 9:30pm UTC
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Re: [EU] The HoldFast Conquest League [ON HIATUS]
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Exciting times 🙂