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[XW] Xięstwo Warszawskie / Duchy of Warsaw
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Duchy of Warsaw is a strong and connected army that plays Holdfast: Nations at War we use this TeamSpeak: , each regiment in the army has its own Colonel and is somewhat independent yet they come together and do internal events such as tournaments together.

Regiments of the Duchy of Warsaw

12. Pułk Piechoty
"For the Fatherland!"

Expected Numbers: 15-20

12pp is a line infantry regiment who aim to become one of the best regiments, we recruit anyone who can speak Polish and is willing to obey commands and be as active as they can. We do multiple events a week such as 1v1's, 2v2's and training as well as some multiple-regiment linebattles in order to keep the regiment at a competitive standard. We aim to be one of the best regiments not only through skill, leadership and training, but also through our casual discipline in order to keep the regiment running well. Members of the regiment do not have to use a historical name, they can use any name they want within reason.

Officers of the 12pp                                                                       


In-game tags: 12pp_XW_Rank_Name

11. Pułk Piechoty Lekkiej
"Run and shoot!"

Polish Speaking / EU based

Expected Numbers: 10

11. Pułk Piechoty Lekkiej do events most days, but stick to linebattles and then training once a week as opposed to attending any other types of events due to their format of regiment (skirmishers don't do 1v1s/2v2s, etc.).

Regiment Officers:

Płk. Diablo
Kpt. Beton

2. Pułk Ułanów
"We are here to drink French wine
and to live our lives so well
that Death will tremble to take us !"
- Polish uhlan

Polish Speaking / EU based

Expected Numbers: X

Our cavalry's aim is similar to the infantry's - become one of the best regiments in the game.

Regiment Officers:

Rtm. JerzyBurza
Por. Kozubki

1. Batalion Artylerii Pieszej
"What is melee?"

Polish Speaking / EU based

Expected Numbers: 7 - 10

The artillery regiment's timetable is similar to voltigeur's, they have events most days and only attend linebattles and a single training a week.

Regiment Officers:

Szef Deniolser

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