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Scottish's List of ideas
« on: September 26, 2018, 06:46:51 am »
Alright I'm gonna keep this kinda short and breef, using nice little pictures here and there to get my point across. This is a list of what I want to see added to the game, not what I want improved. This is an Alpha game, I'll tell you what I want improved once you stop doing big updates, you're looking into what we want improved so I'm not tripping on that much right now.

In no numerical order, here we go!

1.) Cavalry. I believe that the cavalry aspect would bring in more players from the predecessor Napoleonic wars, as well as influence other regiments to expand into that territory and get other people to buy our game for good horsie reasons. Cavalry would be nothing more than a great aspect for Linebattle accuracy, and surely would be apreciated as well as despised(cause cav heads are whores) by line infantry groups.

2.) More nations. We still have a few more nations to go before this game reaches the full accuracy of the napoleonic wars, and with the addition of Prussia we now see the capability to add more nations on a whim just by simply customizing uniforms. I'm sure if you ask some guys and give us some files a few of us could get this done for you if you don't have the staff or money available, making the uniforms isn't the hard part, you've already done the hard part by constructing the actual unit, let us help you by helping develop the units themselves in game. Specifically, to ensure accuracy if that is your goal, we would like to see added bare minimum by the end of alpha; Russia, Austria, and maybe Rheinland. These were the main 3 fighters that we are missing, as we already have 3 main ones now.

3.) Map editing in game. It would be very nice if we were able to make our own maps, so maybe have something like again, NW had, so we are able to edit and customize our own maps for events and trainings. We could make these maps universal around the community, and overall bring the community together by doing so.

4.) Community Representatives Elected on Forums. We had this on Napoleonic wars, so I'd like to see it carried over if it isn't already. And I don't mean have regiments vote for it, no, I mean have the elite regiment Leaders vote on it. Meaning regiments who consistently bring 15+ per event get 1 vote per regiment to decide who is the North American, European, and Oceanic Represenatives. This would ensure that all problems are being dealt with how each community likes them, and they would act as a moderator for their side of the forums.

5.) Character Customization. This one is a gimme, not going into detail on it very much. I think it'd be nice to bring female characters into combat, it was a fun theme we could do on the Predecessor and I think it'd be nice here too.

6.) Darker Redicules/ names. I wanna be able to change the font colour of my redicule and player names in game. On snowy maps it makes it very hard.

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Re: Scottish's List of ideas
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2018, 11:58:27 pm »
A lot of these things are already confirmed here: Holdfast: Nations at War Development Roadmap?

Cavalry played a huge role in the Napoleonic era! You’ll be seeing them added to the game during Early Access.

Other systems have been designed in a certain way to make the integration of cavalry as smooth as possible. We would have never promised this feature to our community unless we had already done our research and preparation.


We will be including new factions in Holdfast: Nations At War - The community will be involved in our decision as to which faction is brought first into the game during Early Access. We’ll be doing this through a poll on our forums.

Map Editor

We will be providing our community with tools to design and create maps. Even though right now our priorities are focused on the core mechanics of the game, we have already put a lot of thought into the technicalities behind a map editor! Steam workshop integration would also greatly complement this feature.

Aren't the Community Representatives just Forum Moderators, if their purpose is to just make sure the forums are clean?

Character Customization would be nice for sure, and god only knows we need darker reticules for the 4,000,000 snow maps we have.