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Author Topic: Bots for Empty/Underpopulated Public Servers (Especially Naval)  (Read 572 times)

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Bots for Empty/Underpopulated Public Servers (Especially Naval)
« on: October 23, 2018, 07:06:51 pm »
Ok, so I think this game is in great shape given the stage of development. That being said, I have one major suggestion to make, and I think it's really important both for the developers and for us as a community in order to give constructive feedback. I think that bots need to be added to at least one of the public servers in each region. Given proper programmed behaviors in said bots, it will provide a more realistic sense of what a fully functional Holdfast experience will be. There should be a function then to just remove a bot from the server for every human player who joins, and add one when a human leaves.

This is, I think, especially important for the naval servers. Right now people aren't joining the naval servers...because not enough people are on them. As a result, most players have almost no familiarity with naval combat, the ship/class functions, and therefore can't give any really helpful feedback to the developers. If we add bots, we can at least get a rough sense of what needs to be improved or tweaked with regard to the naval combat system. Now I understand that there may be some coordination problems and that this would require some fairly sophisticated behaviors programmed into these bots, but I am worried that without this addition we will never be able to develop the naval combat in the same progressive and satisfying way that the land combat has been developed.

Ok, now feel free to critique or discuss. I'm open to the possibility that my idea is terrible. I'm not a programmer or developer.