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Author Topic: Kinda a major rehaul suggestion  (Read 799 times)

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Kinda a major rehaul suggestion
« on: November 07, 2018, 06:04:08 pm »
Hello all, I'm a relatively noobie player (but not so new considering I bought the game but played in 10 minute sessions) with 15 hours on the record. I'm gonna keep the literature and introduction stuff short so here we go:

(Most of these suggestions are based on MY own experiences from playing the game, but some also comprised of community feedbacks (atleast the players who was playing in the same server with me)

1. Servers
Instead of keeping so many 0 player official servers on the server board how about shutting down some servers like NA2 and EU2 armyfronts where i've never ever seen anybody play on them. Regimen players usually have their own private servers to play instead. Also I've seen some players all the way from China and East Asia with astronomical ping playing on NA1. I would suggest the devs instead focus their energy expanding their markets to the east as there is quite the potential or even increasing the player amount for servers from 150 to a higher number.

2. The insane time it takes for people to get from spawn to the action (I feel like I could finish atleast 2 novels and 5 tv series by the time I arrive at the battlefield only to repeat all again when i get headshotted by a single red pixel 500m away)
I'm seriously surprised no devs took action about this when most of the players (atleast the casual ones) kept on complaning. I rekcon the devs could add something like a sprinting mechanic (which would overhaul the entire game, but also spice up the game a lot more) or a dynamic spawnpoint which could also solve the spawnkilling problems derived from the canons. This I feel like combined with the frustrating shooting and the horrible melee drives most the players again (including me).

3. The infamous melee.
I analyzed the ingame melee mechanics and came up with a few conclusion:
     1. The delay between u release your left click to the guy actually thrusting his bayonet. The devs could decrease the time when the bayonet actually thrusts
     2. The insanely small attack point of the bayonet (as demonstrated by my brillant paint drawing).
         For the bayonet the devs could probably do something like a autoaim, when there is a left click and the mouse cursor (or the reticle) is nearing the enemy's hitbox the bayonet would stab the enemy even though the
         aim is a little off.
         For the swords the wielder could probably have like a swing range when swinging his sword
         These are definitely not permenant solutions but are way better than the current click-hold-release-praytothegodsitregistered-noitdidnt-wait50yearsmoretillyoucanmeleeagain-getskilled-

4. The frustrating RNG musket bloom.
The main factor why many casual players quit. The bloom of the musket is too damn big, bigger than my whole thumb when I stick my hand on my monitor, realistically speaking muskets aren't accurate but this game is taking it a bit too far, sacrificing fun in the name of historical accuracy. I don't have a proper solution but this is the most basic solution I came up with, the base musket gets a small bloom, when the players crouches or stands in a line there is no inaccuracy added but when the players walks or sprints the bloom bloats. The unrealistic bullet drop should be fixed as the video in this thread proved the musket balls actually fly straight for quite a bit. , also musket jamming mechanics could also be added.

Devs, I would like to say a huge Thank You for your works (if you guys ever see this post) and such dedication to this game and the community, I really appreciate the micro-transactionless gameplay and fantastic game plot, but please focus more on gameplay elements. I beg my Pardon if my complaints seems like casual joe complaints. Yes I am a casual joe, I came from SovietWomble's video, I love the community, the humor, the social aspects of the game, but other than that the gameplay was a huge setback. Soviet's video mostly comprised of humorous clips, I was sold by the image of the humorous and lively community, but the gameplay is what drives most casual joes like me and other casual players away. I'd hate to see more players leave the game and the game dies from obscurity. Last time I played the game NA1 had full players, the naval server had 20+ and the private regimen server had 30+, now its only EU2 which had less than 120 players. Thank you for reading through all these and I apologize for my horrible English as English is my third language.

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Re: Kinda a major rehaul suggestion
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2018, 06:45:21 pm »
Hello! Thanks for the feedback. Some of the points you mentioned are already being actioned upon.

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