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Author Topic: In-Game - VOIP Issues. - TS3 - Discord - any other Application Works fine.  (Read 228 times)

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So since Holdfast: Nations at war came out. It has been a wonderful game but one issue has been holding me back this whole time the VOIP Issue In-Game that some mics are really quiet even tho they are not on other Applications first I was like I'm sure it's going to get solved at some point. and I was Pin-Pointing it towards the game I tried a lot of things Like boosting my mic and after many attempts, it didn't really work out perfectly. So now I'm sitting here trying to solve it in the Tech Support Topic to see if we can figure something out to help little me.

Note: Teamspeak3 & Discord it works perfectly fine and in other games, this is the only game so far I'm having VOIP issues in.
Boosting my mic didn't work at all. kept staying on the same quiet level even tho I turn it up.

PS: Thanks for everything so far Updates etc. I love it keep it up Anvil Game Studios!
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