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Author Topic: ~Here's Looking at you, Kid~  (Read 812 times)

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~Here's Looking at you, Kid~
« on: February 24, 2019, 05:30:28 am »
Dear HoldFast community, I know through many events (63e Friday & Sunday) it was notified for the past few months that were told of the joy of a new coming marriage that would unite this community more than ever, but I have grave news of a treacherous snake. The snake decided that he should slither away to another, thus, leaving behind the heart he constricted. He will ask for forgiveness, but I convene that you not. Forget him and his troubles. Forget his horrible choice of companions. Forget his new companion whom was once friends with the lover that he betrayed. Shame on you. Shame on your victimization. Shame on your entire existence. Never forget the one that got away.

- Will
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Re: ~Here's Looking at you, Kid~
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The Event
Fade In:


At the forefront of enemy lines the officers gather for further instruction of tomorrows assault.



WILL, Tall and young French officer whose ambition of service is held down by his love for another.

With his head angled down, Will speaks aloud to himself.

“Thank the Lord for the end of this road march”

His feet aches in pain, but all he can think of is Finke. Which whom he thought to be his true love. The one that makes it seem like they are the only ones in the world.

Will pauses and turns around and thinks to himself.

“I should go see Finke and see if his tent is set up and that he's ready for tonight's planning with the General for the offensive tomorrow.


He then proceeds to leave his tent and walk about 50 yards down the line of the encampment to meet up with his lover. As he approaches the tent he hears a familiar voice and see’s Sir Karl Desroches kissing and unclothing Sir Finke.


With tears in his eyes and pressure in his chest Will exclaims

“Why why why why! Why is this happening? What are you doing with Sir Karl! Finke answer me!

Sir Karl and Finke seem paralyzed to speech as Will continues to yell, but he suddenly stops and backs away from the tent with other soldiers witnessing the event and runs off far from camp.