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Author Topic: Some Improvements for Naval battles pls read dev team  (Read 538 times)

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Some Improvements for Naval battles pls read dev team
« on: June 08, 2019, 11:07:53 am »
Ik this will take a while to read but it does have some good valid stuff that should be added and ik if they were to add all this it can take 6 months to maybe even 2 years. I been looking at holdfast before the game came out to play and I wanted a game to copy and paste the movie master and commander into a game. Right now there is only 2 games that can be close to that, Naval action and holdfast. I do love the new Frigate but ik it has already been on dev for that over a year. So here is my list for things hold fast should add. leave your opinion in the comment section if you like.

Things to add -

. 1st Mate/Boatsman role : when captains have a mic and give orders like " Hard to Larbord! Men on the Starbord tac!" the 1st mate is to yell the orders down the ship since the captain needs to focus on sailing, spotting or commanding. Plus give the first mate a Naval Whistle which just like selection songs on the violin he can select orders. Such as all hands larboard Rail!. or sailing commands

. Helms Man Role : Useually when i sail a bigger ship like the frigate or the 13 gun sloop of war. i like to have a man run the helm. I would look at the direction of the wind on the helm and remember it and tell the helms man to go larboard, starboard, or take down certain sails. Of course captain should have more authority to grab the help when needed.

Midshipman/warrant officer/ officer class role : to take command of the helmsman, the guns or to be the officer of the watch or to be on standby to give reports such as dmg reports on how many guns are down. (this would be good for private servers)

. have the flag on a the spanker for a few reasons
1. it is cooler looking
2. easier to see
3. allows the boom to move side to side
4. and can be used to see where the wind is coming from - image of what i mean

. have the flag and the markers on the top of the mast point to the wind and not just be behind the ship

. Make more holes in a ship instead of a giant section of the ship gone

. Add more dmg when you get hit near a cannon ball as the cannon ball would send splinters but if your a little further away. instead of just dead. get wounded and maybe if hit directly by a cannon ball, it would be cool to see severed legs and over time the deck would be littered in splinters.

. add more songs to violin

. ik the reloading glitched before and you had to take out the mast to sin kthe ship but pls find a way to add it back, and maybe even add double shot.

. make bow and stern raking usefull since the armor would be weaker and letting a cannon ball to pass through wreaking havoc, causeing cannons to break and crew to die.

. add chain shot to dmg sails and not only the mast.

. when on the helm, instead of not only takeing out one group of sails at a time but do things like make battle sails, sheet up the lower sails so the chain shot does not affect and you can go full sail when needed

. we can keep when after a certain amount of dmg is done on the boat it can sink, but if want to sink faster instead of hitting it a lot, you can aim for the lowest part of the ship below the gun decks and cause leaks to make the ship faster. you can have carpenters go to the lower deck and plug the holes and use the pump. it would be useless to plug holes in the gun deck since no water is getting there.

. add grapples, they can be shot from swivel guns or used by sailors and when near by you can throw or shoot them on a ship. once grappled on the player has to pull the rope or for the swivel gun will do on its own. once the ships touch hulls, no more respawns on that ship. to take to ship one side needs to get more kills in melee after a certain time such lets say 2 mins. who ever won the melee would have the ship added to there team flag. it would -1 the enemy and actually +1 your team leading it to be more valuable to capture a ship than sink. Small boats should not be able to preform this action

. (not needed) change the British flag to it's more appropriate flag, the red ensign.

. (this is a maybe) when the ropes connecting the the sails. sailors, adept sailors and the captain should be able to change them to enable certain sails, such as battle, dead slow, or full. or even winch the direction of the square sails to point the direction of the wind. when turning against the wind it should just stay as it since idk if too many people can coordinate to change individual sails instead it should just be all one. unless if making a server you can change it to a hardcore sailing mode or easy

. add where your hat can fly off if shot at or near a cannon hit ( dust would fly, or splinters would knock it off)

. add a man with rain and heavy seas. (not as extreme as cape horn but a little high waves with rain if possible)


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