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8thLR & B|F Siege Sunday {EU 9pm BST}
« on: June 13, 2019, 03:28:05 am »


The 8th Life Regiment and BlackFish Sunday Siege event is a competitive weekly siege event with a focus on balance for the defenders and attackers. This is an EU event and will be hosted at 9pm BST/4pm EST. We are providing an excellent EU server (thanks to the 45th Regiment of Hampshire) and experienced admins to make this event enjoyable for all players that are participating. We will be utilizing customization for each map and rounds to enhance the gameplay experience for all.

There will be 20 minutes matches without friendly fire and we will be using a selection of maps, edited with extra cannons, ammo boxes and weapon racks, in order to make it fair for both the attackers and defenders. There’re also some tweaks in ammunition and tickets in order to make it more balanced.

If you are planning on signing up, make sure to join our discord: where we will give out server information 10 minutes before the event starts. Player Count from each Regiment are expected to be done at least 30 minutes before the event starts.

Applications can be done in our Discord in the #siege-signup channel. If you need any other information, feel free to message @CheeseBill#5607 or @Big Mamba


- Do not move out before LIVE.
- Do not abuse glitches.
- Do not VOIP spam.
- Report complaints/toxic behavior in our Discord.

- Arty can move before live, they are not allowed to load before live.
- Do not use Artillery if not assigned.

- Post numbers and request Artillery at least 30 minutes before the event starts for balance.
- Use the template in #numbers
- Assigned team, artillery, and server password will be posted in #numbers

General Info

- Friendly fire will be OFF.
- Rounds will last 20 minutes.
- Defenders get less ammo, with ammo boxes at centralized places inside the fort.
- Attackers get more cannons than normal.
- Attackers get pikes or axes, along with their normal loadout (only for certain classes).

How to Sign-Up

Sign up on our Discord
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