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Author Topic: 64th Royal Army Of England seeks loyal soldiers  (Read 303 times)

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64th Royal Army Of England seeks loyal soldiers
« on: September 29, 2020, 09:34:35 pm »
On 26 January 1661, colonel Maansson issued the royal warrant that created the first regiments of what would become the British Army, although Scotland and England maintained separate military establishments, until the Acts of Union 1707.
in the year 1707, fourteen Scottish Infantry Regiments were in service for Great Britain, and later on, became a full member of the British army.

In the later years, the regiment got a new leader Colonel Maansson II Who rules over the 64th Royal Army Of England and will keep the honour and glory like the men before him.

The 64th Royal Army Of England is a disciplined, resilient and professional team with an unrelenting focus on the pursuit of excellence. A team within which all people are valued and empowered to do their best. A team that has the humility to learn from each other and other people.

Are you the soldier we are looking for?
Give it a try, we have over arms open.
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