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Author Topic: 4teRI Friday Event | 8 pm MESZ / MEST  (Read 709 times)

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4teRI Friday Event | 8 pm MESZ / MEST
« on: August 20, 2019, 03:55:02 pm »
4tes Rheinisches Infanterie Regiment Graf Werder Nr. 30 (en: 4th Infantry Regiment of Rhine) Friday Event.

Does not take place any more

Start: 8 pm MESZ / MEST
End: 9 pm MESZ / MEST

Every week

All unit types and support Classes are allowed.
Notice: You have to determine what Class you are playing and witch Unit you use for it (example: Prussian Freikorp can be played as Line Infantry or as Light Infantry)

-Officer Aim allowed for all Classes
-Fire in Charge allowed for all Classes
-Max. Charging Distance is 50 Meters
-No 3/4-tering
-Only Artillerist are allowed to use and reload Cannons
-Minimum of 4 to be a Line, once down to 3, they must join a friendly Line
-Spaces in Formations:
        Line Infantry = max. ΒΌ Men
        Light Infantry = max. 2 Men
        Riflemen = max. 4 Men

If a Rule is not specifically mentioned above the international Rules are used for it.
If you have any Question about the Rules please contact us.


Regiment Name
Expected Numbers
Preferred Nation
Have you read and understood the rules?
Steam Contact

If you have any Questions please Contact us via Steam or join our Teamspeak.

Major Marius
Hauptmann Loler
Oberleutnant Kaiser Aurelian

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