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Author Topic: 4TH Of foot the Welsh Guards  (Read 1238 times)

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4TH Of foot the Welsh Guards
« on: August 22, 2019, 01:09:40 pm »
@everyone  would be happy if you could share our regiment around
:flag_gb:  :BritishGuard: | The Welsh Guards | :BritishGuard:  :flag_gb:

|:flag_gb:|  Run my a real Welsh Guard |g:flag_gb:|
The RSM of our regiment is an active serviceman with the Welsh Guards!

|:flag_gb:| Where a new regiment |:flag_gb:|
Being that where a new regiment were are openly accepting everyone that wants to join the regiment! So you dont have to wait to play

|g:flag_gb: | We take part in every Event we can |:flag_gb:
This mean if your join our regiment you can do as many events you want!

|:flag_gb:| We are a casual regiment |:flag_gb:|
I made this regiment because i think holdfast was taken too serouisly in events this a regiment were you can play and have banter

|:flag_gb:| We work with our fellow Welsh reigment |:flag_gb:|

Our Discord-