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Author Topic: I come back and their are no Australian Servers?  (Read 344 times)

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I come back and their are no Australian Servers?
« on: December 28, 2019, 01:00:48 am »
We finally have the combined arms trifecta of infantry, artillery and cavalry which completes this game for me. So I came back...

I have high ping on the lowest ping server option and their do not seem to be any Australian servers BUT their are a lot of empty servers in europe and the US. Could we deactivate one server to give the oceanic region some life? Playing with high ping is a horrible experience. I would not care if their was 10 people on it, it has to have a chance to grow in the region.
I gather that their is an Australian event at a particular time once a week on a private server when I find it hard to make it due to work.
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"FORMATION mechanic that allows formation members to respawn back into them."