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Author Topic: (REQUEST2) Change weapon selection priority for Carpenter's 2h Axe...  (Read 175 times)

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Please change Carpenter's 2h Axe to be the last weapon in selection queue to select it after carpenter' 1h axe ("5" key on the keyboard). So it will leave the Saber's place (which should have "3" key on keyboard).

Why to change? Because all other soldiers have the same weapon priority except Carpenter: the "1" key - Fists, the "2" key - Rifle/pistol, the "3" key - Saber, the "4" key - newly introduced weak weapon like Dirk or 1h Axe, the "5" key - Flag/Ram Rod... Assuming that we can see there an auxiliary equipment/weapon like Flag or Ram Rod to be at the last place in queue and so should Carpenter's 2h Axe be.

So just for convenience when selecting "3" key - to equip Saber (as all other soldiers do) but not 2h Axe, please.
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