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Author Topic: (Bug) Conquest Only Server won't start  (Read 106 times)

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(Bug) Conquest Only Server won't start
« on: June 21, 2020, 09:09:33 pm »
In testing a new level we are unable to start a server with a wholly correct Conquest configuration.  To trouble-shoot, we have put in a number of hours running various scenarios for testing.

1.  Originally I leveraged all of the "Minden" examples, building it out to 5 cap zones with one base spawn for each team.
2.  I had incorrectly configured a couple teams-to-spawn objects.  The map loaded.  Capturing two of the five zones would immediately end the round.  Again, my mistake.
3.  After looking into it, I had not noticed that Conquest server scripts were different from Siege, again, my bad.
4.  I corrected the script, copy of "Causeways", name changes etc. completed.
5.  I corrected the team-to-spawn section identifiers.
6.  The map would not load on the server.
7.  The server script had ONLY my map in it.  After several hours of testing on two servers we could not get them to load.  Other game types were fine.
8.  After reducing my Conquest objects to only one spawn and two total objectives, no progress.
9.  I deleted all of my Conquest content and copied in the "Minden" examples.
10.  The server script with only my map name and the "Minden" examples would not load.
11.  We added "Spanish Farm" in Battleground-mode as the first map entry in the script; moving my map to #2.
12.  The server started.  We could remote in and rotated the map to my Conquest version.  The server ran without issues.

It appears, based on our experience and extensive testing that you cannot run a script with ONLY a Conquest map in it.  We tried this using only "Causeways".  The server will not load.  If we have any other map and non-Conquest map in the script, we can rotate to any Conquest map.   We listed my map in Conquest mode at #2 of two maps and the server would run/rotate etc.  We also listed my maps as #1 of two in the script and with another map in the script, the server runs without issue.

Just as a crazy test, we listed my Conquest map twice in the script without other maps and the server will not load.

EDIT:  Crazy test #2 adding my map to the script in Battlefield, Conquest and Siege works fine.  These were the only script entries.

Thank you,
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