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Author Topic: 28steON EU Friday Event 7pm BST slots open for second server  (Read 125 times)

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28steON EU Friday Event 7pm BST slots open for second server
« on: August 05, 2020, 10:24:22 pm »

The 28steON is hosting it's own Friday European Linebattle at 7pm BST. The goal of this event is to keep it simple so that regiments have a fun time in the event.

There will always be 2 dedicated admins in the event to keep an eye on the battle and make sure the event runs smoothly.

Attending Regiments


Line Rules

You are considered a line when you have at least 3 muskets. If your line falls to 2 muskets you must join a different line or charge.
The Line must be lead by an officer until that officer is killed
Officers and aux can only fire in line
Line can have 2 guards or 2 cannoneers and can mix them
You can only crouch in double rank.
No reload out of line (ROL) you can reload while walking as long as it is a line
No fire out of line (FOL)
If the line is engaged in melee you are not allowed to shoot anymore
You are allowed 3 aux per line (No riflemen, no sappers unless Arty)

Light Rules

6 lights per side
Lights maximum spacing of 5
If there are fewer than 3 lights they must either charge or join a line
If lights are engaged in melee you are no longer allowed to shoot or reload
Lights can firing while crouching
Lights are allowed to reload and move

Arty + Sapper Rules

3 cannoneers and 3 guards
1 of the guards can be swapped for a sapper
Cannon is not allowed to be moved before live is called.
Arty may not load their cannon before live is called.
Arty may fire 30 seconds after live is called
The arty can only operate the cannon they chose in the beginning of the round
Arty v arty is 6 minutes after live is called and will always be set at the same time unless otherwise stated
Only the cannoneers or sapper are allowed to fire the cannon
Arty Guards may skirm within compass range of the active artillery piece
Arty may skirm in compass range of the active* arty
*Active is defined as 1 alive cannoneer with a working cannon.
Arty stealing is not allowed

Sapper rules

Sapper can rebuild the broken cannon
Sappers cannot build palisade and swivel guns
Sappers cannot build until live is called
Sappers may only be used with Arty and not as Aux for normal lines

Cavalry Rules

6 cavalry per side
The cav all need to be of the same class
Cav must dismount in all charge
If the amount of cav players falls below 3 they must dismount and join a line unless they are already in a charge but can only keep charging the line they charged.
If a cav member’s horse is killed they must either join a line or mount another horse

Hussars are allowed to fire once in a charge
They can have a spacing of 6
They are not allowed to dismount and shoot

Can fire from horseback, on the move or stationary
They can have a spacing of 4 while firing
Dragoons can dismount and skirmish with a spacing of 2 or 3 and can crouch

Rules in the discord are final

Interested to join the event use the following signup:

Regiment name:
Expected numbers:
Did you read the rules?:
Have you joined the discord?:

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Re: 28steON EU Friday Event 7pm BST slots open for second server
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2020, 01:36:11 pm »
We are expanding to a second server any interested join the discord!