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Author Topic: Balance in the Public Linebattle Event  (Read 58 times)

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Balance in the Public Linebattle Event
« on: October 16, 2020, 11:47:15 pm »
I hope this gets read by the actual game admins if not please make sure they get to read it.

The Topic of this Post is about yesterdays Public Linebattle, you know the one with SovietWomble, and the balancing issues it had.
It is a Rant and will conclude with some constructive criticism for future games but many of it will sound sharp and maybe vulgar*1.
I apologize inbefore should any of you feel offended. Also feel free to censor any words you deem too far. (if you don't already have filters for that)

Okay, first things first. I have been a game admin*2 and I am working in Online-Retail specifically the service department*3 so I know how hard and unthankful yet important these jobs are, especially when facing difficult situations and/or an angry mob of people, part of who(m?) might even have a fair point.
But still the shitshow that was the balance of the first few rounds is appaling. I can't speak for after round 4 because I haven't watched that far. I normally don't do constructive criticism until I am really invested into something and believe me, Holdfast was not on that list until the balance became such an unbearable shitstorm. I get that the teams were imbalanced in the first round. Honestly i wondered why you didn't call for balance in the first place. But still you called for balance after the second round had started and the balance was only 16 people or so off. So why the fuck did you decide to go through with moving people? You could have just said "Okay - Our Bad Balance is fine now Restart Round". And the absolute shitshow that came during and after the restart, I honestly don't know where to begin. You can't just single out a single famous player streamer, tell him to move and expect "the randoms" to follow. It doesn't work that way. What the fuck were you thinking there? Yes you were trying to figure out the balance but what where you expecting?*4 He declined and it probably was either that or him gone from the server. And since you didn't enforce that swap you had to swap back a regiment you also got involved. AND THEN YOU JUST LEFT IT HORRIBLY IMBALANCED  ... I mean .. what the fucking fuck? Dinklebean suggested, and I aggree with him, you didn't want to further annoy people and delay the game, so you just let this huge fucking pile of crap burn (my own conclusion there).

Constructive Criticism
I think this whole situation is based on a huge misconception about what "the randoms" are or better not are.
Opposed to the many regiments "the randoms" are not units.
Sure there may be a few regimented people among them and even leading them. But they are loose groups of people who all play for the same reason: having fun. Granted many of the regimented players also play for fun but it's a different fun. "The randoms" are the casual players, the ones who join for the memes, their friends or otherwise want an easy access point to this game / community. You can't just commandeer one single figurehead of these people*5 and think he and his fellows will follow suit. *6. I think you have a way better chance at balancing the games if you would actually know which regiments, and in what numbers, subsquads etc., would show up beforehand. Then you could just look at the numbers and say "ok we need about 15 Men, who we got on that list?". I also want to stress the point that even numbers in no universe actually qualifies as balance. What the regiments have in skill "the randoms" have to make up for in people. I personally would set the border at 20 people over ( on a full server that is ) and work from there depending on the buildup of the teams. Another point is that you should look for imbalances on the start of a round. Not on the end of one. Else you are prone to gnarly situations like this one.

Alright. I think that was about it. Again I apologize if any of this sounds too harsh or damning, but sometimes Things have to be said or it will all end in tears. I just recently have relearned that from experience. My only intention is to help and not to start a flamewar.


I have to confess I watched this at an age where I was way to impressionable and it stuck.

I have admined a few high skilled and several mid skill server back between 2004 and 2014*ish. On both the high skilled server we had top of the board competitionaly players as regulars, so you really had to up your game in every perspective. It also means I know a whole lot about balancing, because when these lot came to play you actively hat to recruit friends to help against them or else the poor buggers on the opposing team would be thourogly thrashed, and many a times there wasn't even an "or else".

I work at a large online retailer in the returning goods subdepartment, and I am one of the very few persons who handles our "problematic returns", which means I often face cases where I just think "But why would a customer do this?" or "Holy fucking Shit, I'm just going to end this here by giving the customer what he wants before this goes to legal". I am very experienced with people who are angry at what I represent and sometimes rightfully so.

I think I know what you where thinking, "Womble is gonna switch and 30ish people are gonna follow him". Again, that is not how it works.

As I said, most join just to have a good time, trying out the game with people they like, the way they want, some come for the memes and some want to get a whif of what organized "pretend" combat is like. And Womble is not the leader of them, he is one of them. If anybody is the closest to a leader then its Dinklebean, he leads the largest amount of them. But then again you can't balance the randoms, you have to balance around them.