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Voice acting French
« on: May 23, 2017, 02:52:03 pm »
So I've listened to the lines here

And I found the voice acting in french kinda disappointing.

Full starboard should be "A tribord toute!" and not "Tribord toute"

What does Wet the sails is even supposed to mean in napoleonic naval context? In french navy vocabulary "mouillage"/"mouiller" means anchorage/to anchor. So why would anyone want to anchor sails?

"Branle-bas de combat" would probably more historically accurate than a mere "prepare the canons" but it's ok, just the tone is a bit "dead"

"Docteur" sound is silly and there was no "docteur" back then on the battlefield. created the first "surgeons" near the battlefield so a more generic "I am hurt"/"Je suis blessé" or something along those lines  would fit the historical setting more.

I'd have to verify the retreat order as my memory isn't perfect but there is one line which is sorely missing from the lines and it's "Serrez les rangs"
That shout repeated all the time was what kept the soldiers of the line in line and to stick together when they endured canon fire (source La Grande Armée of Georges Blond). It'd be really nice to have it on the battlefield

Thanks for reading